Justice High School Athletic Boosters


The Justice High School Athletic Boosters were using several different systems to manage their website and fundraising. The website was not being updated and there was no store to sell booster passes or access to any team sponsored camps or clinics.


    • New website design and hosting
    • Solution to accept online fundraising
    • Solution to sell and manage booster passes
    • Solution to sell access to team sponsored camps
    • Advertising on website for local sponsors

The complete solution that NUI Boosters provided was able to tackle all of these requirements. Starting off with the website, NUI Boosters then created an online store to manage the sale and management of boosters passes to the family members of the students. The store was able to capture the name of all booster card holders, depending on the package selected, and send a confirmation notice to the Activities Office and board members of the booster club to manage the process more efficiently.

Secondly the Booster club wanted to promote and raise funds for a new concept of a fundraiser. They wanted to have a single event called “The Wolves Classic”, that would pit teams of students against one another in a series of events. All student athletes were tasked with raising $300 via personal page on the new website. Each individual page would track that students progress towards their goal. All that was required was for them to promote the link to their page to their family and friends.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the new website was able to facilitate over $40,000 in donations and sales of booster passes, far exceeding their expectations.